Why GabiExpress?
More than 40 million Africans residing abroad send around €71 billion each year to Africa. Most of the time, this money goes to the wrong address, is costly, or is being misused. We've asked ourselves : how can we help you meet your own needs from abroad?
Our mission
Enable the African diaspora from all over the world to have access to an online supermarket, online pharmacy, and an online hardware store to better take care of their families left in the country and we take care of delivering their loved ones to home; make their own choice of building materials and we deliver them directly to construction sites.

While promoting the local economy, creating jobs for young people and making millions of families happy !!!

Our values


Customer satisfaction is a key priority because we help you to take care your families.

Team work

According to us, collective intelligence is vital.


According to us, helping you to take care of each other is essential.