How it works

No more headwords, be simple and efficient.

GabiExpress replaces traditional money transfer; it is simple, reliable and practical !

Step 1

I choose the products and / or services by indicating the beneficiary's contact details.

Step 2

I pay securely by the payment method of my choice.

Step 3

The beneficiary comes into possession of the unique delivery code and is delivered within 48 hours.

Why to choose GabiExpress

Send products at a lower cost

Save money while meeting the real need of your loved ones

Your investment is valued

You are good in your being because your money is used for good purposes

100% secure

The security of our system is at the center of our interests

Simple to use

At any time of the day, on your computer, smartphone or tablet

Strong point

By taking care of your family, you also promote the local economy

Social look

From abroad, you can send food to an orphanage

They talk about their experience

Thanks to Gabi Express, today, it is simpler, more efficient and less expensive to send food, medicines, building materials...